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Our Story

In 1991 I saw a 3D modeling and animation program for the first time. It was my very first introduction to a new type of tool that would become the center piece of a new revolution in artistic expression, we have now come to know as "The Renaissance of Animation". In 1995 I saw this writing on the wall. At that time I decided I would dedicate myself to learning everything I could about modeling animating and rendering in 3D. Because I saw this as the new medium for animation. A virtual empty canvas upon which the most innovative works in cinema would emerge. And I had stories to tell. So I got writing and learning.

In 2005 I had just finished a feature length live action film and I was determined to focus only on telling stories in 3D. I continued my study in earnest and spent the next 10 years absorbing information and practicing every possible aspect of the 3D animation pipeline. I applied this knowledge to become a full time freelance 3D Generalist and used this as a way to finance the stories I wanted to tell in 3D.

In 2014 I opened a studio and used my experience to train artists in the pipeline of producing 3D animation works of our own making as well as continue to service our clients.

Over the years our business has grown. And we continue to service clients to pay the bills while working on in-house projects.

As of 2020 we are still going strong. And we have two projects in production and several planned for development.

Please visit our Studio Projects Page and if you are a client, hop on over to Client Services to see what we can do for you.

Thanks for visiting!

Richard Culver Wold

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