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Richard Culver Wold Studio Owner and Managing Director

Art, Music and Technology have always been a part of my professional  life, in one form or another.

You could say I have had three main careers. First was music writing and performance as well as sound engineering. Second was writing and acting and directing as an indie filmmaker. And third was as a freelance 3D artist.

In this most recent phase of my career, I am putting all of those tool-sets to use managing a team of artists in an animation studio.

At Animation Renaissance my two main objectives are to continue to service clients while continuing our in-house creative projects.


Richard Culver Wold, 3D Artist Gallery

Richard Culver Wold, Anatomy Study Sketches

(Drawn from references in  Hogarth's Dynamic Anatomy and Drawing the Human Head)

Richard Culver Wold, Digital Cinematography  Reel

Sound Track to The Last Kennedy

Richard Culver Wold, Composer.

Richard Culver Wold, Live Action Cinematography/Directing  Reel

Richard Culver Wold,Actor  Reel

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