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Three dancers and their teacher learn to live through loss, treachery and hardship, gaining many powerful life lessons along the way. They find that by relying on each other, along with honor and perseverance, that they can reach the summit of their imagination and the realization of their dreams. And that life is too short to leave a dream unfinished.








When Angela and her two friends Naya and Lili audition for Grand Prestige Dance Academy, they are abruptly stopped and turned away. Not even getting a chance to finish their routine.

Head of admissions, Madeline, will have nothing to do with them, their dance, or their music.

Feeling lost and not knowing what to do, they turn to Angela’s neighbor Mallory Adams, a former dancer, and Grand Prestige Alumni, to help them prepare another audition with music and a dance style to get them in.

But Mallory has her baggage. She was performing with a troupe from Gran Prestige in an international competition for the Pirouette Award when she fell and injured her knee. Told she would never dance again; she became a recluse. Angela convinces her to come out of her shell to help them.

But meanwhile back at Grand Prestige, a tempest is brewing as Madeline, who has no business at all doing so, is trying to vie for the position of Ballet Master, recently vacated by the wonderful and loved Candice Bell. Not taking her seriously at all, Theodore Hatch, the head of Grand Prestige, tasks Madeline to reach out to the community and find a new Dance Master. She agrees but secretly knows it would be herself and no one else.

So when Mallory returns with her small group to audition, of course, they hit it out of the park and it even draws the attention of Theodore, who now knows who should be the next Ballet Master, Mallory Adams.

But Madeline not only sends Angela and her friends rejection letters, she lies to Theodore and tells him that Mallory was not interested and that the girls had also decided to look at other institutions. This causes a rift between Mallory and Theodore, who have no idea what has happened behind their backs.

Theodore, however, is soon on to Madeline’s scheme and confronts her. With the cat out of the bag, Theodore moves to hire Mallory as Ballet Master, then to get Angela and her friends get accepted to the school.

With new enthusiasm, Theodore announces that they will compete at the end of the year in an international dance competition to win the coveted Pirouette Award. And Mallory will get a chance to return and fulfil her dream vicariously through the girls.

Angela and her friends along with three other dancers are selected to be the troupe to represent the school in the competition.

But Madeline is not done planning and scheming, she manages to convince Theodore that Angela and her friends have committed a crime against the school. Outraged that Theodore would not believe their innocence, Mallory walks out with them in solidarity.

Madeline moves in for the kill and now suggests, that with no Ballet Master, it should be her. This gives pause to Theodore who thinks it over and calls Mallory to meet him at the school. Together they find evidence that Madeline was the one who committed the crime in order to frame the girls and hatch her scheme to take over as Ballet Master.

Madeline is fired and they move forward with the preparations for the competition.

However, Mallory is confronted by her doctor after suffering a fall outside of her home. The tumor that has been growing, has now reached near fatal levels. It is revealed that this is the real reason she fell and hurt her knee. She rejects his advice to retire and continues to pursue the goal of a lifetime - through her students - and bring home the Award for the school.

By the time the girls are ready to hop on the train to go to the competition it is Theodore who has to find them there waiting for Mallory, and inform them somberly that Mallory is in the hospital and not only cannot attend the performance, might not live long.

The girls make a pact to go win the award and bring it back to Mallory.

After winning the award they hurry to bring it back to Mallory before it is too late. But Mallory is so ill that they are not allowed in to see her.

They rush around to the side of the hospital and find her window. They make a human ladder and Angela holds up the award to the window so that she might see it.

One of the girls asks. “Can she see it?”

A nurse opens the window. They wait in anticipation.


But the nurse tells them solemnly that Mallory is already gone. The girls are devastated and almost drop Angela. But then right themselves and look to the heavens.

Angela raises the award up to the sky, “Yes. She can see it.”





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