Team Profiles



Anusin Panya

Senior Level - 6 years

3D Generalist 2D Graphics Artist


​Photoshop, After Effects, Blender, Maya

Nick is the senior designer, concept artist storyboard artist and After Effects artist.


He also knows his way around Maya, Blender and Unreal Engine. And is often called on to make scene layouts and renders.

Everything from product labels, beautiful concept art, posters, software UI or fly by renders of our castle scenes, Nick is our man.

Nick's Gallery



Panutat Chumpiw

Senior Level - 6 years

Lead Sculptor 3D Modeler - Concept Artist


​Zbrush, Maya, Marvelous Designer, Photoshop, Blender

Tat is the senior sculpting artist. And also responsible for many of the innovative character  and creature designs in the studio.


He is also the one called upon to make realistic human and tissue sculpts for our medical simulations.

He is also a master modeler and contributes his designs to our various projects.

Tat's Gallery



Naphat Kruttakra

Senior Level - 6 years

Sculptor 3D Modeler - Concept Artist


​Zbrush, Maya, Blender, Photoshop

Off is a talented sculptor and all around modeler.


His work can be seen all around the studio portfolio, even if not contributing his unique design work to characters and props, he is present with retopo assist, UV mapping and other miscellaneous modeling stasks.

Off's Gallery


Go's Gallery


Phuttanapong Intha

Senior Level - 4 years

2D and 3D Painting, Modeler


​Blender, Substance Designer/Painter, Photoshop

Go is an be found painting everything from human organs to sci-fi robots and ships.

He also is an all around modeler, and has a special interest in making space ships.



Danaiwit Kanthawong

Senior Level - 4 years

3D Modeler Texture Artist


Blender, Maya,  Substance Painter, Photoshop

Wit is a master modeler and texture artist.


His work is seen all over the studio.

He models and textures all of the quad models and contributes to most texturing projects  in one way or another.

Wit's Gallery


Boon Chu

Thanet Galong

Junior Level - 2 years

3D Modeler 2D Painter, Designer Unity Specialist, Rigger, Animator


​Blender, Photoshop, Krita, Unity

Boon Chu is and extremely versatile artist


His work is visible in many areas of studio work, both visually and behind the scenes.

Everything from his unique designs, 2D painting style, modeling, rigging and animation.

He is the resident expert in prepping assets for Unity.

Boon Chu's Gallery