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We Thrive Together is a simple story about the passion for life and the interpersonal relationships that hold us together in a common bond despite our differences. And especially in our current times, about the importance of overcoming those differences to live life to the fullest and thrive.

Because when we thrive...  


We Thrive Together




Angela grew up over the course of production and development. She was at first to be from 7 to 9.  Then we decided to go for a young teen. We were looking to create a smart and cool personality. And she required several wardrobe sets over the course of the story.

Mallory Adams

Mallory Adams was once a Prima Ballerina until an injury ended her career. A chance relationship with Angela reveals that you are never too old to chase a dream. But you can't do it alone.

Dance Troupe

A diverse group of friends who all share one thing in common, a passion for dance we tried to represent different regions and cultures around the globe.


The Doctor who has to tell Mallory here career is over. Personable. He means well.

Angela's Mom

Not a soccer mom. A dance mom. Supports Angela in her dream.