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The Magic Dust is a Feature length animated film which is slated to resume production sometime in 2024.

In the last 4 years a tremendous amount of production has been completed. Most of the main characters have been sculpted. Sets and props designed, many of the voice overs complete.

The story takes place in a geometrically multi-dimentional world where characters exist and interact on various planes of existence.

The story is replete with all manner of intrigue, murder, deception, lies and not the least of which is the special powers bestowed upon those who avail themselves of The Magic Dust.

But it is not without consequences. And the resulting chaos created by upsetting the natural balance of things takes a few unexpected twists and turns to resolve.

But this is an extremely ambitious project that will take a significant budget to complete.

In the meantime, please enjoy the galleries below of the work that has been completed thus far.

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